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Jaane Pehchaane Se Ye Ajnabee: Fate & Circumstances are the twin scales of destiny!

Life for twenty-one year old Ayesha(Aditi Tailang), takes a different dimension when in a fatal car accident, she loses the only family she had; her elder sister and her brother-in-law. And now what she only has is Nihal(Rahul Pendkalkar), the six year old son of her sister. Brought together with circumstances both of them embark to their journey and destiny of life.

At the tender age she was and the very tender age he was, the duo make up for each other at times of happiness and moments of grief. She somehow manages his school and their life doing odd jobs in the city of dreams, Mumbai. Keeping her dreams and desires of life to a stand still, she now only focuses on the responsibility and the only family she has, Nihal. The story begins with her joining as a maid, at a five star hotel in the house keeping department.

With the job she also gets the accommodation in the staff quarters and she sneakily accommodates her nephew too. Pammi her room mate who initially disapproves of Nihal living with them as it is against the rule of the Hotel, eventually becomes her closest support.

Ayesha bumps into Veer(Siddharth Shukla), the owner of the Hotel. Veer is a silent but a powerful business man. Apart from expanding his Hotel business, Veer is desperately in search of his elder brother Jai and his family. Veer and Ayesha's 1st meet was very unlike a perfect one... Ayesha and Veer are at the two ends of a spectrum. And yet, when their eyes meet and the spark flows, no consideration remains important anymore, because the two of them have one thing in common - Passion.

Ayesha's life was somehow being managed with the work at the hotel and the life after. On parallel basis there is growing comfort level between her young nephew and Veer which also brings a twist to Ayesha's bubbly yet juggled world. The situation brings Ayesha and Veer together.

And as the two lose themselves to the haze of sweet romance, they are unaware of the wall that fate has built between them. For in time, Ayesha realizes that running away from truth, she has walked right into the lion's den because, Veer is the scion of the family which is responsible for the death of her only relatives - her elder sister and brother in law.

Subsequently, Veer realizes that the girl he is in love with is none other than the sister of the very woman he blames to have snatched his beloved brother away and corrupted the peace of his family and Nihal is the only piece of his brother that is left. But, the two, have no idea, how the invisible hand of fate is carving their destiny, and the curiosity remains; whether it takes them towards each other or against each other with a love which ensure that they cannot avoid each other.

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