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Ayesha Sharma(Aditi Tailang): Age 21
Ayesha's beauty lies in her ordinariness. She's just like any other face in the crowd, but a second look will reveal a spark in her. A quiet and pleasant disposition of the girl next door. She is quintessentially the younger sister. Not spoilt, but happy to be dependant on her elder sister Divya for emotional support. She prefers to play second fiddle even though she isn't short on talent or confidence.

She is the type who doesn't want to expose them. The reason for this is behavior has to do with her being an orphan and therefore a desire to be just accepted as normal everyday person. You will never find her wearing flashy bright clothes or coming up with lofty thoughts. It's a fa├žade that has infused with her personality.

But being an orphan has also taught her the instinct of self preservation. When going gets tough, she gets toughest. Thinks most clearly and acts most definitively at crunch times. This is her strength which is obscured by her hesitation and goofing up. Ayesha takes life one day at a time. She isn't really a planner but a drifter.

Veer Vardhan Singh(Siddharth Shukla): Age 28
A man whose silence speaks. Looks older than his age because of his intense disposition. A few years ago, he was a carefree youth happy to be in the shadows of his elder brother Jai, who was successor to their family's business empire. But life turned around for him while he was in the west, on the pretext of pursuing further studies. Called back by his mother abruptly, he realized that his elder brother has cut all family ties for the sake of the girl he had fallen in love with - Divya. And overnight Veer had to assume responsibilities of handling the empire. He believes that his brother betrayed the family and the crashing image of the person he revered the most changed his personality completely and embittered him for life.

Veer is silent but impactful. He is often misunderstood and he doesn't care to explain himself. He is severe and rigid with conservative tastes. He is a hard task master and ruthless, living with a hurt. He never lets his true feelings out. Underneath his tough exterior, he is very vulnerable and loving young man who had a very different expectation out of life.

Nihal Singh(Rahul Pendkalkar): Age 6
Extroverted and expressive. He is a transparent child whose brashness comes from the feeling of security his parents provide him with. Living in a small town and being the only child, he is grown carefree in their island. But he too after his parent's death has learned to accept life as the way it is. He puts up a brave front in front of Ayesha and always manages to get a smile on her face at the worst of times.

Nihal can be a menace, but not insolent. He is quite flighty and needs to be constantly monitored and focused. He is also perceptive and sensitive. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, his Maasi Ayesha is the world to him.

Rajdeep Sahni: Age 27
The young manager at hotel Ramada. He is a self made man who is ambitious, but not ruthless. He is full of life and motivation for others and Veer's best friend since college. A complete charmer, he thinks out of the box and provides a lot of fun in the otherwise rigid life of a hotel. He and Ayesha unlike Veer hit off on a very good note which leads to a sweet friendship between the two.

The two best friend Veer and Rajdeep fall for the same girl - Ayesha. And this eventually leads to cracks in his and Veer's long friendship. His outlook towards life changes. He turns into a negative guy who is adamant is getting what he desires.

Minnie Dixit: Age 26
Ayesha's immediate boss in the hotel and the super-bitch. Its always her way or the highway. She is only good to her sycophants, and nasty with those maids who refuse to worship her. Ayesha is therefore in her bad books and she leaves no stone unturned in making her life miserable.

Shreedhar Ganesan: Age 30
The lobby manager at 'Ramada' and the man with the stupid grin. He has a compulsive obsessive disorder and an extreme case of 'andhvishwasi' and very Religious. Believes in everything super or para normal under the sun. This also makes him quite unpredictable and provides comic relief in every frame he is present in.

Giridhar Ganesan: Age 30
Shreedhar's twin and the Food and Beverage Manager of the Hotel. He is a harmless flirt. He thinks that he has the charm to attract every women on this planet. But this is the think that puts women off about him. Very touchy about his cooking and is the undisputed ruler of the kitchen. He too adds the humor element to the show.

Parminder Kaur (Pammi) : Age 22
Pammy a meticulous person, who is not a risk taker, seems to everyone as a person who is really not bothered about any one's problems, and often seems selfish, a loner who seems happy to be the way she is, not having any friends. But for her to be the kind of person she is today, there is a past.

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  1. oendrilla Says:
  2. what is the real name of Avinash?? is he real life brother of Ram Kapoor???

  3. purvesh Says:
  4. Wow this is on of the best serial on television I NIHAL(Rahul Pendkalkar)


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