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Aditi Tailang aka Ayesha of Jaane Pehchane Se Yeh Ajnabbi, an up coming actress had an exclusive talk with Us. She disclosed her aspiration taking up her career and many more.

How did you get this role?

While I was a student of K.C College (Churgate) doing my B.M.M in Journalism, simultaneously once I attended acting work shop at Prithvi theatre conducted by Satyajit Dubey as I was also interested in taking up acting as a career. While being there, one of my friends informed me about the auditions for the show so I thought of just trying my luck and went ahead. Finally I got selected for the lead role which was really unexpected for me.
Did you always plan to become an actor?
No, I never planned for anything in my life till now. I was just thinking of taking up a job in some of the news channel or freelancing for the print. Actually I was interested in Journalism but there was desire for acting hidden inside somewhere in one corner of my mind and my world changed after that work shop. It was really not planned it just happened.

Will you continue with the same career?
Well, as I said I don’t plan, so if acting brings me fame and satisfaction which I expect, then definitely I will continue with the same but if not then I may return back to journalism. But still it’s a long way to go as I have just started with the show and it will be too early to say anything about it.

How has been your experience as you are acting for the first time?
It’s just a start but till now it has been amazing. I was nervous in the beginning but now I am quit use too it. I have to improve more and I know I will do it slowly and gradually. It’s going to be challenging experience for me to cope with busy and hectic schedules of the shooting but will balance it.

What was your parent’s reaction on taking up this career?
I think they are the happiest parents in the world and is glad to see me on television, that to in a lead role. I'm missing them on the occasions of such a grant event as they don't stay with me in Mumbai but they will be soon here. I have my friends who look after me as if they are my parents.

How will you differentiate theater and on set acting?
Taking my experience into considerations, I am very new in this field but I would like to say that theatres and serials are two sides of same coin. In the serials we have many close shots whereas in theatres its live acting and there are no chances of retakes. So while acting for serial, one should keep in mind that nothing goes out of focus and no expression looks over than wanted.

Posted by Rajkumar Wednesday, October 28, 2009


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