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When Aditi Tailang aka Ayesha of Star One’s Jaane Pehchane Seh Yeh Ajnabbi developed rashes on her cheek after getting splashed with muck, the creatives decided to improvise…

When as per a scene's requirement Aditi Tailing aka Ayesha of Star One's Jaane Pehchane Seh Yeh Ajnabbi got splashed with muck, she got into major trouble. But the unit members soon fixed the problem by using Multani Mitti (Fuller's Earth) for the act.

Says Aditi, "Actually my skin is baby soft. Any small disturbance affects it greatly. So when the scene was shot and I applied real mud on my face, it became red after sometime. So I did not want to deepen the problem and requested for something to be done about it. Later it was decided that Multani Mitti will be used."

Aditi further adds, "Just for this reason I bring my own make-up set to the sets. Because many varieties of cosmetics are used by the make-up person here. And only a specific brand takes well to my skin. And you can't take risks with your skin, especially if it's on your face. Therefore I take great care that no rashes or itches develop on it. Whether a girl is an actor or not, good skin is always her priority."

We agree, flawless skin is always a girl's priority!

Posted by Rajkumar Thursday, October 22, 2009


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