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Rahul Pendkalkar aka Nihaal of Star One’s Jaane Pehchane Seh… Yeh Ajnabbi makes work time a fun time for everyone on sets with his sweet mischief!

Rahul Pendkalkar, who will be seen as Nihaal in Star One's Jaane Pehchaane Seh… Ye Ajnabbi, is a bubbling can of mischief and laughter. Yupp, this tiny ticking bomb, sure makes everybody's time on the sets fly by.

According to our source, "He has a funny answer to every question irrespective of what topic it belongs to. Recently someone questioned him regarding his working experience with Ranbir Kapoor in Wake Up Sid to which Rahul replied smartly- Nice! The person followed this with another question enquiring how he used to address Ranbir on the sets, and Rahul replied bhaiyya. The enquirer still in the mood for probing asked why not uncle, to which Rahul very matter-of-factly stated- 'Arre, how can Ranbir 'bhaiyya' be called 'uncle'? He is not married yet! Obviously everyone burst out laughing at this."

Rahul's mother Dimple Pendkalkar says, "My son is very outgoing and friendly. Wherever he goes he gets along with everyone and makes the whole atmosphere very bright. I take him to auditions and his bubbly nature …touchwood…makes him so attractive that he gets selected in the first go! My prayers are that he goes on to become a Bollywood hero."

Seems like Rahul is very well on his way to become one. Apart from Wake Up Sid he has worked in the Aamir Khan starrer Ghajini. In tube, he was earlier seen as Kamal ( Dev and Sumana's son) in Bhabhi and also played minor parts in Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki, Kumkum and Tujh Sang Preet Lagayi Sajna.

Rahul's kitty seems to be overflowing with future projects that include Big B starrer Rann, Imran Khan starrer Delhi Belly and Shahid starrer Yahoo, in which he will be accompanied by elder sister Karishma. To top it as the icing on the cake, Rahul will seen playing both the avatars, that of Ganeya and Ganesha in My friend Ganesha-3.

In fact, he is so lucky that even after master Yash Pandey was selected for the role of Nihaal(he is the one seen in the promos of the show), the casting co-ordinators changed their mind once they spotted Rahul.

Posted by Rajkumar Monday, October 19, 2009


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