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Siddharth Shukla who will soon be seen Veer in Star One’s Jaane Pehchane Seh… Ye Ajnabbi, has rigid opinions about big screen.
Siddharth Shukla, is a familiar face thanks to the many ads he has been featured in.
He was last seen as Shubh Ranawat in Sony's Babul Ka Angann Chootey Na. It's a sort of a comeback for him with Star One's Jaane Pehchaane Seh… Ye Ajnabbi, launching on 19th October at the 8.30 PM slot, in which he will be portraying the role of Veer, a wealthy businessman running a chain of 5-star hotels.

Siddharth attributes many factors for his attraction towards small screen. He says, "To be frank, my first and foremost reason to join small screen was financial. Since my dad passed away, it's my mom who's been taking care of me. I didn't want to burden her more by demanding to join Film Institutes. You know how expensive that kind of an education is. So I decided to do on job learning and joined small screen."

So why not do on job learning through big-screen itself, as that's where Siddharth aims to end-up anyways? He replies with a smile, "If you make a mistake in a movie, ten years down the line, the mistake will still be there. People would pinpoint it when they either watch the film in a DVD or a channel. But if I do a mistake in a daily soap, it will be talked about but soon be forgotten. Bollywood is an unforgiving teacher whereas television is a forgiving one."

We hope Siddharth makes ample mistakes so he learns all that the 'television teacher' can teach him!

Posted by Rajkumar Saturday, October 17, 2009


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